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Rental Requirements

Rental History

Each applicant may demonstrate a history of meeting prior lease or mortgage obligations and leaving any prior rented properties in good order. Significant adverse rental history may disqualify an applicant or require additional payment security, such as a cosigner or additional applicant deposit.

Income History

Wages, assets, or subsidy assistance are accepted as evidence of ability to pay rent. If household income does not meet at least 2x the monthly rent amount, a guarantor or additional security deposit may be needed. Applicants should include 2 pay stubs and/or bank statements from the past 90 days with their application.

Credit History

TransUnion’s ResidentScore is used to evaluate the applicant’s credit history and ability to pay rent when due. A guarantor or additional security deposit may be needed where the applicant’s credit history falls in the ‘medium risk’ range. An applicant may be declined if their credit history indicates high risk.

Criminal History

A criminal background check is needed of all applicants. If criminal history is found, an individualized assessment of the applicant’s criminal history will be conducted. An applicant may submit mitigating evidence of good conduct and rehabilitation that have occurred since any conviction or recent criminal activity.

Pet Policy

Up to two pets per unit, dog and/or cat, must be house trained, $500.00 security deposit per pet, $150.00 cleaning fee per pet on departure. All pets must be under 60 lbs., exceptions can be reviewed by owner. 

The Security Deposit can be paid over a 90-day period with 1/2 up front, this all electric apartment which is Energy Efficient both with appliances, all the lighting fixtures are LED. Owner pays water. Pet Deposit is $500.00 per pet, with $150.00 cleaning charge per animal, no more than 60 lbs. total weight. Must be house trained. NO SMOKING. Single Covered Parking Space per Unit.